Data Visualization & KPI


Data Visualization & KPI

With the advancement in the technology, we get lot of data from the market which would help us in shaping the future product line, think about what the market needs in future and to understand our position in the market. Data visualization helps in understanding the market trend, our position and the improvements we need to do to our product line to match the market needs. It helps in motivating our teams showing the month on month or quarter on quarter improvement in the market. It even helps your clients to get more confidence on your company’s performance. Currently, several political parties too were concentrating on Data Visualization to show their clients (public) on the progress they made in the last term. Digital Software Labs helps you with the latest technological tools in Data Visualization to show your clients and shareholders the right marketing data and progress trend, apart from giving you an insight on the improvements to your future products.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) helps in understanding the current market trend for your products. It further gives an insight on what your users were expecting in future to maintain the growth rate. Each team in your company can analyze their respective KPIs and work on improving the customer satisfaction. On the other side, this helps in maintaining the confidence of your shareholders. Digital Software Labs can help you with the right ETL tools to extract and transform the data to give you the right results for the KPIs defined. Analyzing KPIs helped lot of international companies in maintaining and raising their growth levels. Every quarter new tools were hitting the market to analyze the data in a more deeper perspective. Our teams were well versed with the latest trends in the tools and will use the right ones as per your company requirements. Enjoy the satisfaction of improvement in all domains by analyzing the KPI data we report.

Getting data and processing it is fine but how will the stakeholders and the employees know of the progress? Dashboard and Scorecard come into picture here. These are absolutely necessary for the end users to understand the pattern. Digital Software Labs provides Dashboard and Scorecard with the respective data required for your stakeholders and your employees to track the progress. This helps in boosting their confidence and to work proactively for raising them further. Our specialist team has extensive knowledge on the latest Dashboard and Scorecard tools and trends to make it look appealing for the end users. Keep your time focused on developing the product and we will show you the numbers and reports to keep you motivated. Our consultants’ team will understand your business needs and will design the Dashboard and Scorecard to raise the motivation.

There are several ways to reach a destination but one way will take us there without much hassle and in shortest duration. Digital Software Labs will help your team move in that one way which will take you to your destination in the shortest duration. We will design the Balanced Scorecards for your team to work on to hit the targets. Balanced Scorecards will give an insight on prioritization of tasks, day to day activities and alignment to the strategy formulated. Depending on the rigor of the project, Digital Software Labs can design the Balanced Scorecards. Concentrate on making the product much better and we will help you with the prioritization, day to day activities and moving come to the target with a strategical approach. Digital Software Lab consultants will take care of all your needs and will design good Balanced Scorecards to meet your deadlines on time.

Data Visualization Services

  • Data Visualization Strategy, Assessment, Roadmap
  • Data Visualization End to End Implementation
  • Data Visualization Proof of Concepts
  • Data Visualization Managed Services
  • Data Visualization Health Check
  • Data Visualization Investment Advisory
  • Data Visualization Solution Advisory

Data Visualization Tools

  • Business Intelligence:  Opensource BI, Oracle BI, SAP BOBJ/BI, IBM Cognos BI, MS BI, Customized BI Tool
  • Enterprise Performance Management: SAP BPC, Oracle Hyperion, IBM Cognos TM1
  • Information Management: SAP BW/BI, Oracle ODI, Informatica
  • Business Intelligence:  Operational Reporting, Finance Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, Marketing Analytics, HR Analytics, Sales Analytics
  • Enterprise Performance Management: Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting, Profitability and Cost Management, Financial Consolidation
  • Information Management: DataMart, Datawarehouse, Master Data Management
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