Data Science and Mining


Data Science and Mining

One of the most hot cake domain in the world right now is Data Science. Whatever might be the field, we get lot of data now and how we make sense of it helps the businesses grow further in the market. Just consider Facebook where lots of data comes from the users and the data is being used by different local businesses to drive traffic. Depending on the sentimental analysis on Twitter, few businesses raised their growth rate. In future, this trend will raise further and making sense of the data that comes from your specified set of users is quite important. Digital Software Labs will help you with the Data Science needs and will give you the end result which helps to grow your business further. Identifying your customer base, extracting their interests and making data to help you raise your business is one of the key factors which Digital Software Labs will help you on. Focus on your business and we will identify where you need to concentrate more in future to raise your growth levels.

Data is growing rapidly with the advancements in the technology. Especially in the developing countries where network operators were giving lots of offers on calls and data, the usage of internet raised abruptly. With the raise in usage, the data which is getting exchanged took a positive slope. Now most of the people who are the customers for various industries are pushing out lot of data to the internet and making good sense of it is important to understand their upcoming needs and desires. We, Digital Software Labs will help you in making sense of their data to meet your business needs. Our team can design KPIs and use the latest tools to make meaningful assumptions which helps your business grow further. Big Data Analytics can help you in shaping up your future strategies to meet the growth patterns.

Fast processing of data needs automation and Machine Learning is the best way to do automation for a manual task. Making machine do the task instead of using the human resources, saves lots of time, money and errors.May it be the Chatbots for your customer service or an automated product line to make production faster, Machine Learning reduces time and effort apart from saving money in long run. Digital Software Labs has the technology to build Machine Learning algorithms which suite your business. Either you decide which parts of your business needs Machine Learning automation or consult us to make a report on what all processes in your company can be automated using Machine Learning algorithms. Digital Software Labs will come up with a complete Machine Learning automation suite matching your software preference.

Some Machine Learning tasks needs more complex algorithm structure covering the corner cases. Deep Learning comes into picture and specialists need to design these algorithms covering the extreme conditions. It is tough for companies to hire such specialists especially when the time lines were short. Digital Software Labs come into picture in this scenario offering specialized services in this domain. You can either take our help in identifying the Machine Learning tasks which requires Deep Learning or you can ask us to help on the Deep Learning algorithms which you already identified for your project. Digital Software Labs has consultants who are working on Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies. Considering the time and effort to hire these specialists, our teams can come to your rescue in the deepest need.

Artificial Intelligence is considered to be the hot cake of the future. Now almost all the devices are coming with some sort of Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Most of the cellphones and smart devices are having AI to some extent. In future, Artificial Intelligence will be the game player for traditional products. People will prefer AI powered devices instead of traditional devices. In this scenario, most of the companies will focus and build AI powered devices. As the technology is still growing and will continue to grow, it is tough to hire candidates with the latest skill set. Digital Software Labs will help you in maintaining your pace and to meet the deadlines with the extended team of AI specialist consultants. Make your products stay up to market expectations with Artificial Intelligence algorithms with our help.

Data Science Services

  • Data Science Strategy, Assessment, Roadmap
  • Data Science End to End Implementation
  • Data Science Proof of Concepts
  • Data Science Managed Services
  • Data Science Health Check
  • Data Science Investment Advisory
  • Data Science Solution Advisory

Data Science Tools

  • Big Data:  Hadoop,Cloudera, MongoDB, NOSQL, Talend, Data Mining, SPSS Modeler, Tableau, Pentaho, Apache Spark, Scala
  • Data Science: R programming, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Hortonworks, etc
  • Data Visualization: SAP BW/BI, Oracle ODI, Informatica
  • Big Data:  Operational Reporting, Finance Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, Marketing Analytics, HR Analytics, Sales Analytics
  • Data Science: Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting, Profitability and Cost Management, Financial Consolidation
  • Data Visualization: DataMart, Datawarehouse, Master Data Management
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