Human Resources Analytics


Human Resources Analytics

Human Resource forms the back bone for any business. There are several internal aspects in HR like Staffing and Resource Management. Several people will get hired frequently and if they are not routed properly to the right projects depending on the factors like skill set, experience and others, it will be a disaster. To avoid such complex issues, HR Analytics came up with an advanced cloud platform. One can easily analyze the key factors of a resource profile and can also understand the requirements in the projects. As all the aspects are on single platform, one can easily route the resources to the matching projects. This product is cost effective and is easy to implement.

HRMS Analytics

  • Core HRM
  • Payroll Management
  • Leave Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Performance Management
  • Training Management
  • Claims & Reimbursements
  • Time Management
  • Travel Management
  • Social Collaboration

HRMS Analytics Consulting

  • HRMS Strategy, Assessment, Roadmap
  • HRMS End to End Implementation
  • HRMS Proof of Concepts
  • HRMS Managed Services
  • HRMS Health Check
  • HRMS Investment Advisory
  • HRMS Solution Advisory
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