Customer Analytics


Customer Analytics

Without customer, there is no business. Understanding the requirement perfectly and coming up with interesting solutions forms the main strategy of any organization. This is possible only through a team, which is well connected by a single platform. DSL CRM Analytics forms that single platform which will join all your employees to give an effective solution to your customer’s requirement. DSL CRM Analytics is well connected and is a single platform product. This helps in joining all your employees to discuss in one place and give their individual solutions for internal discussion. DSL CRM Analytics is easily understandable and your employees will feel free to use it to come up with interesting solutions for your clients.

CRM Strategy

  • CRM Strategy, Assessment, Roadmap
  • CRM End to End Implementation
  • CRM Proof of Concepts
  • CRM Managed Services
  • CRM Health Check
  • CRM Investment Advisory
  • CRM Solution Advisory

CRM Features

  • CRM Analytics Strategy, Assessment, Roadmap
  • CRM Analytics End to End Implementation
  • CRM Analytics Proof of Concepts
  • CRM Analytics Managed Services
  • CRM Analytics Health Check
  • CRM Analytics Investment Advisory
  • CRM Analytics Solution Advisory

CRM Modules

  • Marketing Analytics
  • Sales Analytics
  • Services Analytics
  • Customer Support Analytics
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Delivery Analytics
  • Order Analytics
  • Sales force Analytics
  • Customer Care Analytics
  • Social Collaboration Analytics
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