ERP Analytics


ERP Analytics

DSL (Digital Software Labs) ERP Analytics helps to minimize your managerial efforts by joining all the domains of your business under one roof. HR operations, Customer Relationship management, Finance and SCM can be operated through a single platform, DSL ERP. This helps in having complete control and grip on the business. As it is an ERP Analytics, it will be feasible to operate on the data from any location and at any point of time. DSL ERP Analytics offers the flexibility to use multiple types of devices (PCs, Tablets and Mobile Phones). In short, Complex managerial operations can be easily solved and managed using DSL ERP Analytics. Startups, medium scaled businesses and large scale businesses can use DSL ERP to manage their managerial operations.

ERP Features

  • ERP Analytics Strategy, Assessment, Roadmap
  • ERP Analytics  End to End Implementation
  • ERP Analytics Proof of Concepts
  • ERP Analytics Managed Services
  • ERP Analytics Health Check
  • ERP Analytics Investment Advisory
  • ERP Analytics Solution Advisory

ERP Modules

  • Financial Analytics
  • Purchasing Analytics
  • Sales Order Analytics
  • Warehouse Analytics
  • Production Analytics
  • CRM Analytics
  • HR Analytics
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